Happy Fathers’ Day

To all Fathers everywhere, and especially to the ones in my family:  Scotty, Jose, Walt, Oliver.

Below is a photo of my father, Dr. Cecil O. Richer, taken the day of his graduation from Dental School, Indiana University. He was a loving father who would spend hours playing card games with my sister and me, which included whist, bridge and gin rummy, skills which served me well.  He also taught us both to dance.  A good musician, who could play any brass instrument, he had wonderful rhythm and loved to dance. He left us a legacy of honest, decency, and charitable giving among other things.  I have marvelous, loving  memories of him.

To the right below is a photo of Scott, Patty, and Jeannie.  Scott loved to clown around and this evening is typical.  I have no idea what he is wearing, but he is wearing Jeannie’s hat and sun glasses.  Whatever they are doing or wearing, they are having lots of fun and this is a good memory.

Final photo is of Scott opening his gifts, either on Fathers’ Day or his birthday.  No one loved birthdays or  Fathers’ Day more than Scott, except for perhaps his children.

The Scott, Sr., legacy extends beyond just having fun.  He was well-known in Cali, Colombia,  for his civic and charitable activities.  Scotty has the many decorations and honors given to him.  I think his greatest accomplishment was, through the resources of  Colgate Palmolive, the building of the  first public sports park in Cali, Colombia.  Built in a very poor neighborhood, it was huge and included many sports,  from soccer to swimming and tennis.  Each sport  had a full time coach to train the people in their selected activity,  Colgate went on to build two  more such facilities and then a group was formed of business men to build these same facilities in other parts of Colombia.

I had intended to show photos of all the fathers mentioned above, but could not find photos which would include all their children, so gave up.  Also wanted to show photos of Scott, who was also an adoring grandfather, but again could not find all the photos needed.

To Scott Jeffery, Jr., Jose Hernandez, Walter Riester, Oliver Delgado, I salute you!!,  for each of you are wonderful fathers.  Just ask their children.  Little Oscar perhaps cannot give credence to the claim today, but I am sure he will once he can talk.

We are all Blessed!!!  Happy Fathers’ Day two days late.

Scanned Image 112480010 2

Mail00111965 Oct 11, Cali, Dad's birthday-Scotty, Jeannie, Barbara, Dad opening gifts


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