General Comments


 It has been almost a month since I last wrote something.  However, I have been making notes of miscellaneous thoughts.

Turning 90 – Some Things I Do No Like – But Have To Accept Anyway

Find recent suicides very distressing – what dark thoughts in the night hours when sleep is impossible take over a man’s soul…and destroy probably the most basic human instinct, that of survival.  Thoughts that destroy the will to live, but bring on instead the urge to take away the fragile, God-given spark of life.

Mind not as sharp.  Hard to grasp concept quickly. Difficult to see whole picture.

Television – Due both to deficient hearing, tendency to not be able to keep my thoughts on what is being said,  and the inability to take in an idea completely., I so often cannot understand what is being said.  I do not grasp the essence of the thought

Hearing is problem in crowds and now even in family gatherings.  I have a feeling of isolation.   People jump from subject to subject and I cannot keep up.  I sense they get tired of repeating.  I need to focus better on the conversation for once I lose concentration, it is very difficult for me to get back into the train of thought.

Civil Discourse – what has happened to civil discourse in this country??  

For example, the speaker (comedienne?) who spoke at the Washington  Press Dinner.    She was deliberately cruel, humiliating, hurtful, especially to Sarah Huckabee sitting at the main table.  She was not humorous. She was only funny to those small-minded, mean-spirited people who enjoy seeing someone else humiliated.  I have watched these Press Dinner for many years.  President Barack Obama spoke at the last one I watched.  As he made fun of colleagues, friend and foe, he evoked laughs, not sneers and tears.

Our politicians are saying outrageous things about those on the opposite of the aisle, and crying foul when they are attacked in like manner.  I know our President is one of the offenders, but this does not open the doors to others to try to outdo him.  

I have given up on Face Time, which was once a delightful place to keep up with friends. This was particularly fun for me keeping tabs on friends from overseas, with whom it is not as easy to keep in touch.  However, at some point crude, uninformed political comments took over, some with at least some background of knowledges, but most simply such dumb statements as “Betsy DeVoss is an idiot.”  Disagree with Secretary Voss and state why, but simply calling her an idiot  made that person the “idiot.”  I will not repeat the vulgar comments made by a man who went to the same school as my children.  I could only answer “I cannot believe you said this.”

How sad that today too many people find the only way to articulate their opinions is to resort to name calling, crudeness, and vulgarity.  Where has common sense and common decency gone?

Age – One positive thought  is that I an less critical and more appreciative.  I am working on the reality that I have so little control on what is going on in my life that  I need to work on my favorite mantra “Count my Blessings.”

Bits of Advice – a wise man once said, “advice is least sought and seldom accepted,” but anyway, here I go.

Be kind in all circumstances.  Remember NOT to think only of yourself and how you feel.  Relationships with within family circle, friends, church, organizations  are important  to maintain. Do not let personal hurt destroy anyone or anything, for these are more important than one person, certainly more important than you alone.  Nurture your relationships.  Preserve them.  

If you have a problem bothering you, try to talk things out, but always with civil discourse.  Never lash out at someone in the heat of emotion.  Physical cuts can heal, but words can inflict wounds that last forever !  And most likely they will  come back to hurt and haunt you sometime in the future, even more sadly when it is too late to make amends.

All parents make mistakes  No matter how hard you try to be the perfect parent, (and most likely try to be better than your parents were), you will make mistakes and live to regret them.  Be very careful with your judgement calls with parents and children.   If you must judge, then be very careful with your words.

If you do not particularly like someone, there is no need to be unkind. Certainly there is  no need to be mean.  Be civil and courteous when you must see them. But NOT judgemental.  That person or persons very possibly may not like  you either. As the Bible says, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

Remember, you do not always have to be right.  Nor does everyone have to think like you think.  Carefully pick your battles and your priorities.  Never forget how very easy it is, quoting a wise and old saying,  to” win the battle and lose the  war.”

Final and last comment:

 After spending hours writing and editing, I lost all but a few paragraphs .  I have just rewritten , but not as well as before.  At any rate, this comes from my heart. 



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