Easter 2018, Where did 62 years go?


April 4, 2018 – Getting my thoughts for today’s blog organized

My best thoughts come at night or  in the morning when I am not completely asleep nor completely awake.  I wish I could record these thoughts at that moment for once awake and getting started with the affairs of the day,  these well-expressed thoughts are for the most part forgotten.   I invite comments on content or writing style.  This morning a good friend and peer of mine in age commented that I was talking too much about being old.  Since this is about life after 90, that seems to me to be difficult to change, but  I intend  to write about other things also.

Easter Sunday

This was a beautiful day here is Ponte Vedra.  Jeanne, Lisle, and Alex joined me at Easter Chapel celebration which was held 7:30 am  at the club pavilion on the beach.  With the waves crashing on shore and the pelicans and  sea gulls flying over, this is a marvelous site in which to praise God, especially on the day of His resurrection.  The sermon was  particularly well given, stressing the joyful and  triumphant aspect of this very holy day,  and ending with the pastor raising his arms and crying our, “He is risen!  To which the congregation called back, the age-old reply, “He is risen indeed!”


Back to our house, to have breakfast with the rest of the Easter weekend guests, Lisle’s sister, husband and two children.  It was great to have them here as always.  After breakfast they left to attend Easter services at the Cathedral in St. Augustine and continue on home in Tampa.

Easter Dinner

Lisle and his brother, Alex, did most of the cooking and did their usual outstanding job.  The rack of lamb was cooked to perfection.  We were joined by our long-time friends, the Powells.

All in all, a truly lovely Easter Sunday!

Early to bed, and as I was falling asleep, I wondered, “Where have all the years gone?!”

Scott and I were married in Jan. 25, 1956 in Panama in the Canal Zone.   A few days later when we arrived in Cali after our honeymoon in Boquete, Panama, we were wonderfully welcomed by the executives of Colgate Palmolive Colombia with a beautiful party at the San Fernando Club. This photo taken that night at the party.

Mom Dad young and Formal

Scan 5

July., 1957,  I am holding my precious first child, Jeanne Ann Jeffery, called Jeannie by the family.  It seems like yesterday-

Name today is Jeannie Jeffery Pilcher.  She is the mother of  a son and daughter  and grandmother of one grandson

Today our family numbers 24 when we are all together .  I think I have counted everyone.


This photo,  taken March 31, 2018,  the day before Easter,  is of Jeannie’s grandson, my great grandson, 17 months old, Oscar, busy and very focused as he  participates in his first Easter egg hunt

I am still puzzling how the 62 years went by so fast.  I urge every one to cherish each day, relish each experience, good or bad, for lessons are to be learned from each, for the days are gone in a flash.


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