My First Blog- At Age 91 – Introduction

Introduction – why am I doing this – to whomI am directing my comments – what do I hope to accomplish

In July 2016, much to my surprise, all my cherished family, including  nieces and nephews as well as children and grandchildren gathered to celebrate my 90th birthday.  Guests were to dress in a costume representing one of the decades of my life.  Actually, my birthday is August 30, but July 4 was a convenient date.

90th Party the Gang 2 enhanced.jpg

This wonderful event brought me to the reality that I although I had lived 90 decades, there are many things I have always wanted to share but had seldom done so.  Now  I realized I do not have  that much time left to share  these experiences,(living through WWII, first days in Cali, working at NBC);  ideas (inner city neighborhoods, personal responsibility, );  thoughts (danger of hasty reactions, my Christian faith, choices made).   I began wondering if I have thanked all the people I should.; remembering words I should not have spoken;  people with whom I should have stayed in contact;  the many joys and regrets.

In summary, what have I learned over the years and what would I like to share.

I did not know how to go about this.  Aside from some phone  conversations, texts, and emails, little  was done.  Then my granddaughter Michelle Matalon Delgado recently started a blog with lots of fun and interesting  information about her life as a working mother.  “Aha” said I.  “As soon as Scotty comes to visit, I will have him set up a blog page about life after 90.”

Before I finish this first introductory page, want to add one more photo taken at that marvelous  90th birthday party:   Lisle’s  brother and his sister and her family, who frequently come to share July 4th with us.  They went to a great deal of trouble to participate and their costumes are outstanding.




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